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Read It! Together

'Reading is the gateway for children that makes all other learning possible.'

Barack  Obama 

Read It! Together

We have our first Read It! Together bookcase.

In our main entrance we have our first Read it! Together bookcase.

In this bookcase you will find books that you can read with or to your children.  

The idea is, that you choose a book you would like to read at home.  Borrow the book and when you have Read It! Together, bring the book back and borrow another.

There is no checking in or out, just take a book and bring it back when you have finished with it.

There are books for all ages.

There are even  some books you can read with your younger children who are not at school yet.

Watch this Space

We are hoping to have more Read It! Together Stations outside on the playground.

The only thing we ask from you is that when you have finished with the book you bring it back to school, so that another family can Read It! Together.

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