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Reception - Miss North

Reception - Miss North


Reception had a wonderful day celebrating the 25th anniversary of World Book Day. The plates that the children decorated looked wonderful and they will be added to a whole school display - the winners were announced in assembly the following morning and went to the bookshop in Bury to choose a prize!
In the morning we explored the texts, 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell and 'Each Peach Pear Plum' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg as part of the class Read It journey. The children joined in beautifully with the activities and enjoyed acting out parts of the stories.
At various points in the day we had a DEAR session - DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read- the children loved choosing a book which we have read before in class. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to share a story (Share It) with our friends from Year 6. The older pupils were amazing with the class and took great care to ask them questions about the story they were reading and they all put on fantastic voices for the different characters. I think from the picture you will see that this class really do have a love of reading!

On 1st March, we had a little extra treat...pancakes! We learnt about why we traditionally eat pancakes in the run up to Lent and what the key ingredients are to make the batter.
We had a selection of toppings to choose from including strawberries (which we chopped ourselves), lemon, sugar and golden syrup! We then washed up our plates and cutlery ready for our friends to use. I think the children enjoyed them from the pictures!

On the same day, we also celebrated St David's day! We learnt how Cerys, a child from Wales, celebrates with her family and about the life of St David. We also created some observational paintings of the Welsh national flower, which is the daffodil. Did you know that during a battle between the Welsh and the Saxons in the 6th century. Before the fighting began, a celtic monk called David (later Saint David) convinced the Welsh soldiers to fasten leeks to their helmets so that they would be able to tell friend from foe. Soldiers believed it was the leeks which had allowed them to gain victory. Therefore we also used our senses to learn about leeks - many of us had never seen a leek before!

Reception class have had a fantastic time this week learning about measurement. We have compared the height and length of different objects using the words; longest, shortest and tallest and have begun to measure using cubes and paper clips. We also solved problems and created a whole class display, creating labels to tell our friends the heights of different objects. What a busy week! Next week, we will be learning all about the number 9!

Reception class had an amazing day yesterday learning about different ways in which we could develop our mental health and wellbeing. Miss North has attached some pictures but here is a snapshot of our day!
We started the day with our 'Connect' session where we made connections and forged new relationships with the pupils in Year 4. We had brilliant fun with the older children and some of us got to spend some time with our older siblings!
In the next session, we wanted to 'Give'. We each wrote an affirmation on watercolour paper that we had decorated earlier in the week. We then visited classes and offices around school to deliver our gifts - next time you are in school look out for them!
Before lunch we then 'Took Note' and spent some time listening to our bodies and took part in some guided meditation.
In the afternoon we needed to 'Be Active' and took part in the school's Race For Life. We managed to run, walk, hop and skip for a full 45 minutes in aid of a fantastic cause!
The whole class were a credit to the school and threw themselves into each activity, we can't wait to do it again soon!

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