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School Council

School council

Here are what some of our School Council said:  Christian -  I like being in the school council because you get to improve the school and make it fun.  Malikah - I like being in the School Council  because you get do better things for the school.

What is a School Council? 

Our school council is currently made up of elected children from Year 3 to Year 6. 

The school council meets each week to discuss issues and the views of the children of the school. The school council’s main aim is to make St Paul’s a better place. 

Miss North runs the school council and they meet every Tuesday.

Each year an election is held in each class to elect two school councillors. The children have to present to the class why they would make a good school councillor. This is called their manifesto. 

The two children with the most votes are then elected as their class School Councillors. 

Our School Councillors
Why do we need a School Council? 

We need a School Council because: 

  • Everyone is an important part of our school. Children should all have a say in how the school is run. 
  • Children have a right to be listened to. 
  • Children have some great ideas. 
  • Children might notice things which need changing that adults are not aware of. 
  • Adults don’t always have the answers. Children can help them to see things differently. 
  • Decisions made in school affects us all. Children should have a say in decisions that affect them. 
  • Teachers do not have enough time to listen to everyone’s ideas separately. A council meeting can bring all those ideas together. 
  • Everyone has the right to express his or her own opinions. 
  • We can all help to make our school better.
What does a School Councillor do? 

Our School Councillors: 

  • Go to School Council meetings and takes part in discussions. 
  • Let his/her class know what was discussed at the meetings. 
  • Listen to the people in his/her class and take their views back to the school council. 
  • Get involved with projects run by the School Council.  
What is our School Council Working on?

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