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'Let the whole Earth sing to the Lord!'

1 Chronicles 16:23-25


Mrs Parker is our subject leader for music. 

This is what she says about her subject.

Music is magic!

It is the ultimate organisation of sound and silence in such a way as to evoke a feeling, create a mood or make people think. Music simultaneously unites and divides us, celebrating our voices and stimulating our minds. It makes us move our bodies but it also moves our hearts.


Our Music Curriculum

All of our music lessons are taught by Mrs Parker, our music specialist.  Mrs Parker is a professional musician, specializing in playing the harp.

St Paul's has a baby harp programme, teaching the children in Year 5 and Year 6 to play the harp.  This is the only harp programme in the country.

We feel that the music units we teach our younger pupils at St Paul's,  connect musical ideas with experiences the children can relate to.  however, in contrast the study of famous classical works (for example Peter and the Wolf) introduce our children to the new worlds of sound.

As the children get older, they learn to play instrument which can subsequently be played as part of lessons, deepening their understanding of the music studied.  Most children at St Paul’s do not receive private instrumental lessons outside school so this strand of learning is given slightly more emphasis.

Here are some of the instruments that we teach at St Paul's:

  • Glockenspiels
  • Ocarinas
  • Drums
  • Harps
What a Good Learner in Music Looks Like

When our children leave St Paul's, as a good learner in Music, they will be able to:

  • Apply their listening skills to new genres and pieces of music and apply reading staff notation to learning new instruments. 
  • Articulate views and opinions about music and compare different styles, making links between different pieces of music. 
  • Be inspired, enthusiastic and confident as well as being keen to learn more.
How We Teach Music
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