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Home Reading - EYFS & KS1

'Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.'

Margaret Fuller


The Importance of Reading at Home

At St Paul's CE Primary school we believe that reading is the gateway to learning and this is why we make it our top priority in school.

To establish a firm foundation in reading, all pupils at St Paul's learn how to read using phonics. We follow a high quality, government approved phonics programme called Read Write Inc which your child accesses on a daily basis.

What Your Child Will Bring Home


The books that your child will bring home each Wednesday will support his/her learning in school and will foster a lifelong love of reading.

Each week your child will bring home 3 physical books and a paper copy of a story he/she has read in school that week. 

Here is a brief explanation of what your child will be bringing home:

Read Write Inc Storybook - Paper Copy

This is a copy of the story that your child will have read in school this week in his/her daily Read Write Inc lesson. Your child will have read this story three times with his/her reading teacher, so they should be able to read the story fluently and with confidence. This paper copy does not need to be returned to school.

Read Write Inc - Book Bag Book

Your child will also bring home a Read Write Inc Book Bag Book. This book builds upon the ideas and many of the words featured in the story he/she has read that week in his/her daily Read Write Inc lessons. Your child may not have seen this book before but he/she will have the phonic sound knowledge to be able to read this story to you. This may mean that your child may not be as fluent when reading but this is to be expected. Encourage your child to re-read this story throughout the week so that they become fluent and can read it with expression. To help your child to read this story, read the instructions found at the front of the book. The book will have an 'Independent Reader' sticker on the front to help you to identify it. 


Read Together Book

Your child will also bring home a 'Read Together' book. This short story may include words which feature sounds that your child has not yet been taught and/or is confident with. He/she will therefore need support from an adult to read it. To make this book easy to identify it has a 'Read Together' sticker on the front as seen below.


Library Book

Each Wednesday your child will be given the opportunity to visit the school library. He/she will be able to choose his/her own picture or chapter book from a wide selection. This will be his/her 'Reading for Pleasure' book. By choosing their own story, your child is able to demonstrate his/her likes and dislikes. This book can be read to your child by an adult or can be shared together.


Sound Mats, Storybook Speedy Words and Red Words

As your child progresses through the Read Write Inc programme he/she will learn new sounds which will help him/her to read more complex words. Your child has been given a copy of these sounds he/she needs to learn so that he/she can practise these at home. 

In order for your child to understand what they have read, he/she needs to be able to read with fluency. For each colour level in Read Write Inc there are a number of words that your child needs to be able to read at speed. These are the 'Storybook Speedy Words'. On the reverse of the sound chart, you will find the 'Speedy Words' that your child needs to practise reading at home. 

Below the 'Storybook Speedy Words' are the 'Red Words' that your child will also be learning to read during his/her Read Write Inc lesson. 'Red Words' are words which either your child cannot use his/her sound knowledge to read.

To see an example of the Speed Sound Chart and Storybook Speedy words sheet that your child will be bringing home, please click here.

Reading at Home - Bug Club

Your child also has access to a Bug Club online profile. Each half-term your child's class teacher will assign a number of online books for your child to read which reflects his/her phonic knowledge and reading ability. If you need a reminder of your child's login details please email your child's class teacher via the class email address


Click here to visit the Bug Club login page. 

How can parents/carers help their child or children with reading?

Want to know more about how you can help your child with reading?

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