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Christian Service

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.'"

Mark 10:45

Christian Service

What is Christian Service?

Every term, as a school, we give Christian service to others.

Part of living a Christian life is serve and help others.

We also give service to be more like Jesus, who came to serve others.  Click here to read the bible story of Jesus washing his disciples' feet.  This is an act of serving.  

Why do we Carry Our Service?

Our motivation for serving must come from a love for God and others and our desire to be more like Jesus.  Serving isn’t something that we should dread doing.  It should be something that brings us joy! 

Serving is basically about others and not ourselves!  When we serve, we should strive to be more like Jesus, caring for those around us more than we do our own needs and wants.


What can we do to Serve Others?

As children, you can serve by helping your parents/carers with chores around the house.  You can hold doors open for others, in fact you can do almost anything. 

Serving is possibly one of the easiest of the disciplines to practice – IF you have the right attitude about it.  There are always ways to serve and help others.

Our School Rules are a perfect example of how we can serve others:

Take Care of Others, Take Care of our School.

Jesus, also said in the bible (Mark 9:38 - 50), that even the small things we do for one another is important.  Look at this glass of water. Jesus said that even if we “give a cup of water” to someone in need it’s an important way to serve.

Helping others in small ways is still very important. God notices all the very small things we do for others. He promises that He will use us to bless others and that we will also be blessed.

Praying and Serving Others

Another way to serve is to pray for others.  Instead of only praying for our own needs, we can be servants by praying for those around us.  

Dear God.

I pray that this week I can help make big changes in the world, by doing small acts of service in Your name. Please show all of us how we can reach out to others every day to serve and love them in Your name.


Our Acts of Service - Autumn Term


Act of Service


Putting up a House Points display in the hall

Year 1

Tidied the school library

Year 2 G

Make people smile

Year 2 H

Giving out spare fruit at playtimes

Year 3

Messages of appreciation for the staff

Year 4

Messages of appreciation for the children

Year 5

Read daily to the Reception Children

Year 6

Writing and displaying what they love about St Paul’s

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