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Pastoral Support

'To make a difference in somebody's life, you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect.  You just have to care.'

Mandy Hale

Pastoral Support


Our Promise to our Families

 To be available to support you and your children when difficulties arise at home and at school.

Our Pastoral Support

Here at St Paul's Primary School we are committed to ensuring all our children and families  receive the support they need to thrive and this includes supporting their social, emotional development and mental health needs.

As all children and families are unique, we try to tailor the support we offer in order to meet the individual needs. We want everyone involved with our school to feel well supported. We believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing the individual needs of each child.

We aim to build trusting and empathic relationships with all our children and their families. We ensure that the support needed is recognised and implemented, with all teachers and support staff working cohesively together.

Our aim is to identify any concerns at the earliest possible opportunity and remove any remove any barriers to learning which may be preventing our pupils from reaching their potential.

St Paul's is a Trauma Informed School.  You can find our more about what this means by visit our Trauma Informed School page or click the link. 

Trauma Informed School Page

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