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Year 4 - Mr Atkinson & Mr Browne

Year 4 - Mr Atkinson/Mr Browne

Year 4 2023/24

We had lots of fun on our Roman Day! 

On art day, Y4 made colourful pictures and patterns using wool and sticky-back plastic.

Year 4 2022/23

We have LOVED our recent topic on bread! Today, we finally got to make our own bread, with added ingrediants of our own choice! We had sweet bread, savoury bread, some bread filled with a right concoction! Look how proud of our baking skills we are!

Recently, Year 4 were lucky enough to have a whole day of Science, linked to our topic about sound. 
Sam came to spend the day with us, and taught us SO much about sound! We learnt about sound waves and how they travel through different things, including a big wooden box! We learnt about how the size of something that makes a noise affects the sound it makes, as well as how to hold or hand a pipe or piece of wood to hear it resonate. 

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to make our own instruments and could choose what sort of instrument to make! 
It was SO much fun and we learnt SO much! 

Mr Atkinson runs a lunchtime social homework club for children who want to improve their times tables knowledge, spelling ability or who just want a chat. 

We're learning about recounts at the moment. This is story map of our recount text, which is written as a letter. You can read it here

We’ve been working on categorising different words at the start of our English lesson today.

As part of our Christmas RE topic, we have made Christingles, learning about the history of them and what each part represents. We took them home to enjoy. 

Year 4 enjoyed taking part in the whole school food technology day. 
We all made individual pear sticky toffee puddings; school dinner children made their own lunches and packed lunch children created miniature decorated lunch boxes. In the afternoon we all made gift bags and luxury chocolate truffles. We also designed a plant out of vegetables and sorted foods into different categories depending on which part of the plant we eat. 
Everyone had fun and enjoyed the day. 

We have been studying the different states of matter this term. We investigated the melting point of chocolate to see when it changed state from a solid into a liquid. 

The children found that at 15 degrees Celsius the chocolate did not melt.  At 35 degrees Celsius the chocolate began to melt. At 50 degrees Celsius the chocolate melted entirely. 

Y4 children are enjoying the new novel they are studying in shared reading on Thursdays and Friday. It's called "Song of the Dolphin Boy," by Elizabeth Laird. 

The children are enjoying their Monday PE lessons learning about team games in the hall. 

Year 4 are studying states of matter in science and ice balloons contain gas, have a solid and can melt into a liquid. The children wrote up about what they found out in their science books.

In Science this week, we studied different types of teeth then tried to reconstruct a jaw in science.

Year 4 are settling in well to the new routines and working hard! Here are some of our children in our second teaching space - The Haven!

Year 4 2021/22

Y4 have been finding out about prayer in RE and have made prayer cubes to help create prayers.

Y4 took part in an amazing science day and made sounds using metal bars, straws, thunder drums and other items. We also watched air travelling using a fog machine and an 'air cannon'.  We had lots of fun and the children asked lots of good scientific questions. 

In science we have been learning about how to change the pitch of sounds and we made simple panpipes to hear sounds at different pitches. The children enjoyed making these instruments but unfortunately they did not sound as tuneful as the real things! 

Children draw on paper underneath their tables to see how difficult it must have been to paint the Sistine Chapel lying on your back. It wasn't easy! 

Children sort out different fractions into smaller groups.

Year 4 acted as sound waves in Science! 

Year 4 have been researching pangolins to write a new information text. The children find these creatures fascinating and are enjoying doing the research for their project. 

In Y4 we loved Wellbeing Wednesday! We connected with Reception class in the morning. We also did a 5 kilometre race for life and made signs to show we had entered the race. Y4 had a very calm wellbeing day and learnt a lot about how to keep calm and well in our lives. 

In Y4 we have been making still life clay models of peppers out of clay.

We are loving our study of What We’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers! We’re building towers!

Our Kites topic was such fun! Here are just a few of the finished products!

Y4 have been conducting a science experiment about changing states  of water. 

In Y4 we’ve been learning about, and making, Christingles!

We’ve been working on our Let’s Go Fly a Kite topic for the last few weeks!

We had such a great day for our Africa day! We learnt loads and had such good fun!

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