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Last week, Year 5 learned that humans had not always known the sun was at the centre of the galaxy! We rehearsed and filmed a little play about the history of astronomy AND set up our own sundial on the grass.

Homework Booklet Summer 2

Class Newsletter Summer 2

Today we let our class Monarch butterflies go. Some of the hatched during the half term holidays!

Today in science, Year 5 planned and carried out an experiment to find out whether there is more yolk or white in an egg. It was an egg-cellent egg-speriment!

Here are our five class caterpillars! They arrived 10 days ago and were so tiny that we could hardly see them. We are watching them change into butterflies as part of our Life Cycles science topic. Today, three of them attached themselves to the lid of their cup and started producing silk to make their cocoons. We had great fun naming them! The final five names chosen were Bernard, Akuma, Bonnie, Squirmy and What the moo?

This is our new text, How to Tame a Wolf and the accompanying Text Map.

Year 5 are working very hard on learning their new text - How to Tame a Wolf. Can you work out the instructions from their text map?

Year 5 worked very hard to prepare some flower beds and have now planted some gorgeous flowers outside their classroom!

Environmental Science Week March 2021

Year 5 Newsletter Spring 2

BBC Lockdown Learning Schedule w/b 8.2.21

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Super Online Learning!

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On Activity day, Year 5 learned about The Rule of Law which is one of our British Values. We acted out the story of The Tinderbox by Hans Christian Anderson and in the afternoon, we staged a court trial in which the soldier from the story was charged with theft, murder and kidnapping. In the end, the jury found him not guilty and he walked free! (Kaden, who was playing the soldier at the time, was relieved!)

Year 5 have been revising solids, liquids and gases at the start of a new science topic. We had great fun discussing why the candle in the glass sucked up the liquid!

To celebrate Black History Month, Year 5 have been learning about the great Victorian Showman, Pablo Fanque. They had great fun doing circus acrobatics on the gymnastic equipment!

Y5 Home Learning Booklet

Year 5 returned their class surveys about home learning before any other class and won the prize! The prize is to be a film and popcorn one afternoon this week.

Year 5 have been learning about Vikings. We watched a film clip about the first Viking attack in the UK. We learnt a Viking battle chant and accompanied it with drums.


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Home Learning Booklet 29.6.20

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Home Learning Booklet - week 12&13 - June

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Home Learning Booklet - week 10&11 - June

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Maths sheets w/b 18/5/20. We are aware the printing is not terribly clear, so here are the maths sheets individually.

Year 5 Mandela (Thank you Mr Atkinson!)

Home Learning Booklet week 9 (w/b 18.5.20)

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Home Learning Booklet April

Year 5 had a lovely science walk finding forces we have been learning about in our lessons!

Our Text Map for our letter

Y5 have spent time creating pictures for our Winter Hall display

This is Year 5's text map of Dear Tom

Check back for lots of fun soon!

This week in maths, Year 5 have been learning to reflect and translate shapes in a coordinates grid.

In Science, Year 5 were discussing the physical and mental tasks people could achieve at different stages of their lives.

Year 5 painted plaster casts of mini cupcakes. They used them to create fridge magnets for mums or other family members on Mother's Day!

Year 5 made fabulous hats on World Book Day!!

Today Year 5 and Year 5/6 enjoyed practising their circus skills outside in the sun to conclude the English topic based on The Man who walked between The Towers. Then the children made connections with our forces learning in science.

Today Year 5 paired up in maths to coach each other. They followed instructions to teach each other more about improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Year 5 had their pebble party today for a full jar of pebbles. They made pompoms, played on laptops and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows. Well done Y5!!

Spaghetti Structures Today Year 5 were challenged to construct two towers as a team using only playdough and spaghetti! The aim was to suspend a string between the towers which could support the weight of a wooden peg. It took a long time to tidy up!

Year 5 went to Bury last week to see some of the places linked to our historical topic of Bury 100 years ago. We started at the Flying Shuttle pub, then went into the transport museum where we all had fun dressing up! Finally we played Spot The Difference in Kay Gardens by looking at old photos of the same area.

Last week in science Year 5 did some research which was out of this world! Everyone chose a planet and drew its outline using compasses. Then we used laptops to search online and find facts about each planet. At the end of the lesson, we shared what we had found.

As part of the Year 5 geography topic, Natural resources, the class discussed pylons and the national grid before researching different ways of generating power. They produced a poster about it as a group and presented their findings to the class.

Our RE topic this term began with The Bible and its history, but we are now looking at the sacred texts of the other four main world religions: Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.Today we learnt about the Guru Granth Sahib and how Sikhs show respect to it. Then some of the Muslim children in class shared their experiences of the Qu'ran and even brought things in from home!

Year 5 are aiming to speed up their recall of halves and doubles in maths. They are playing a loop game every day as a table and trying to get it done in less than five minutes!

RE activity day was great fun! Year 5 learned how to make paper boats to represent Salvation for those who trust in God. Some of the Values Councillors and School Councillors also helped create a special display representing Incarnation.

Year 5 have been picking their own numbers from a pool of balls! Today we used them to create addition number stories.

Year 5 have been learning about how the Vikings used micro-organisms to cook. We looked at some information about helpful bacteria and discussed the role of yeast when making bread. Then we evaluated the appearance, taste and texture of different breads before planning our own.

Year 5 have studied a map of Europe to find the journey the Vikings made. We also looked at some paintings of Viking raids on Anglo-Saxon England and discussed photographs of the ruins on the Holy island of Lindisfarne. Then we sang a Viking attack song and joined in with the drumming to make it even fiercer!

This week in Year 5 we have been learning about how the Vikings used scientific methods to preserve food. We discussed the importance of milk and the products you can make from it. The everyone made butter from cream and dipped it in cold water before tasting!