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Year 4 (2018-2019)

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Welcome to Year 4!


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Y4 are having crafty fun this afternoon as they prepare for our Summer Festival next week!!

Year 4 carefully crafted their Mothers' Day cards - each one was created for someone very special.

Year 4 made miniature top hats to celebrate World Book Day. They were oh so stylish!

At the end of our Sound topic, Year 4 are making plastic cup phones! We can all talk about how they work, and are going to decorate them to personalise them!!

In Y4 we are learning about sound. We have found out all about the ear and about how we hear sounds. We have also found out about sound waves and how sounds get to us. Today Miss Mundy brought in her Tibetan Singing Bowls which we all had a turn on, and they showed us really well how sound is made by vibrations. When you closed your hand on the bowls, the vibrations stopped, and the sound stopped.

Year 4 visited Bury Library on Tuesday! They had a wonderful time and were all able to borrow a book. We arrived back at school to find a lovely email praising our children's behaviour and knowledge about the library! #veryproud

We've been trying out potato printing in Y4 today, after finding out about the history of printing. It made rather a mess, but at least it'll wash out!! We now know all the things to do or not do, ready for initial art tomorrow, when we'll make our initials and print with them!

Year 4 were creating series circuits today. They did really well and most impressed with themselves for creating circuits with bulbs that lit! We learnt about what happens when you add a second bulb and that you need a circuit to be complete to make the bulb light.

Year 4 were using their knowledge of column addition and subtraction to earn dojos this morning! They had to make calculations that met certain criteria - the largest possible total, for example - using numbers 0-9 and 4 digit numbers only!

Year 4 are busy finding out about early civilisations and have been traders and mathematicians to extend their learning about trade and mathematical innovations.