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Haircuts - or not!

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July Home Learning

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Super skills!

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A little note...

BBC Bitesize this week - w/b 15.6.20

Tyler wrote a poem and it is going to be published in a book in August! How amazing! Well done Tyler!!

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BBC Bitesize w/b 1/6/20 - all lessons are online this week, not on the Red Button

Response to a text message out!

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Y3/4W Mandela (Thank you Mr Atkinson!)

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Lockdown Diary!

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Friday Fun!

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Purple Mash Rainbows!

Thank You!

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We had a great time talking about Safer Internet Day yesterday with Mr Purdey, talking about who we are online, things that are ok and not ok and how to be safe online.

In 3/4W we are working on persuasive texts and have been thinking of REALLY really good reasons why we should... be able to have a pet, get to choose our own bedtimes, eat chocolate every day... you get the idea!

Year 3/4W have been working on standard method for multiplication and today we made a competition of our learning! We worked in pairs and rolled a dice to generate numbers to multiply. If you got the right answer, you got a point! We have some VERY competative children and some VERY good mathematicians!!

Year 3 have had great fun painting fantasy castles for their calendars!

Year 3 have been studying rocks and crystals in science. We watched a video about diamonds and everyone had a close look at the different types of rocks and crystals we have in school. Then we set up a sugar crystal experiment!

Our Text Map for How Does a Volcano Erupt?

Year 3/4W are creating posters to show their learning about perimeter today. They are showing great ideas and great team work!

Year 3/4W are practising their times tables this morning and using them to play maths games! We have some VERY competative children!!

Year 3 created arrows out of clay and painted them bronze. How amazing they look!!

Y4 Harvest Poem

Year 3 have been learning about The Stone Age. This lesson was about cave painting so we looked at some examples from around the world then had a go at our own!

In our Y4 science topic we have been learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We acted as particles within each of the different states of matter and talked about how they were different from each other.

Year 3 had lots of fun being archaeologists in our new topic afternoon lesson!

This is Y3/4W's text map for our text, What to do if you meet an alien.

Check back for lots of fun soon!