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Today Mr Purdey had a very exciting idea...upside down handwriting!

Year 3/4P had lots of fun on #SaferInternetDay2020 creating a string web of likes, as part of a conversation about being yourself online!

Year 3/4P had great fun on St Paul's day. First we learned about how St Paul had to be lowered down from the top of the city walls to escape his enemies in Damascus. Then we all had a go at weaving baskets. Some of the adults from the church also stayed to help.

This week, Year 3/4P have finished writing stories in real settings. We had a go at peer editing. The trickiest thing was reading each other's handwriting!

This week in RE, we learnt how Christian children celebrate the light of Christ by creating Christingle oranges for a special church service.

Year 3 have had great fun painting fantasy castles for their calendars!

Year 3 have been studying rocks and crystals in science. We watched a video about diamonds and everyone had a close look at the different types of rocks and crystals we have in school. Then we set up a sugar crystal experiment!

Our Text Map for our text Why Does a Volcano Erupt?

In RE we have been exploring how Christians see Jesus as the light of the world. Today we listened to a song called Shine, Jesus, Shine, then made up our own dance to the music!

Today we kicked off our Multiplication and Division maths topic with some fun! We used laptops to play on Timestable Rockstars, tested each other on multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and played card games with a partner.

Today in maths, we learned how to complete missing numbers on an addition wall. We eventually solved walls involving 3-digit numbers by using column addition and subtraction!

Year 3 created arrows out of clay and painted them bronze. How amazing they look!!

Y4 Harvest Poem

Year 3 have been learning about The Stone Age. This lesson was about cave painting so we looked at some examples from around the world then had a go at our own!

We have been drawing foxes and creating folded hedgehogs to decorate our classroom for autumn!

Year 3/4P have been solving an alien puzzle using maths equipment, timestables and maybe a bit of telepathy!

In our Y4 science topic we have been learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We acted as particles within each of the different states of matter and talked about how they were different from each other.

Year 3 had lots of fun being archaeologists in our new topic afternoon lesson!

This is Year 3/4P's text map for our text - What to do if you meet an alien

In preparation for the upcoming Harvest Festival, Year 3/4P have used drawing, collage and printing techniques to create images of fruit and veg!

Last week in Y3/4P we watched a video of Aaron Becker (the author/illustrator of our class book) demonstrating water painting using shapes and primary colours. Then we had a go ourselves See if you can spot who got red paint on their head!