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Aspirational Programme

At St Paul's we feel that it is very important that our children get to be exposed to what they can achieve out in the wide world.  This can be anything from further education, exploring their talents, doing what they love, to jobs and career opportunities.


We feel passionately about giving these opportunities to our children.


We started our Aspirational Programme through an activity day in October 2019.  The programme has been paused as it has been so difficult to continue due to the COVID 19 pandemic.


As soon as the social distancing measures are lifted, we will be able to continue. with our programme of visitors and trips.

This Kid Can


We also have an Aspirational Project in conjunction with Bury Grammar School.  This project started in the Autumn term 2019.   THIS KID CAN is based around termly visits to Bury Grammar School.  Children would go three times a year, so that by the time that they left St Paul's they would have had 12 experiences at BGS.  


The project is based around offering the children an experience that they would not be able to access in a primary school.  the children would be able to see, hear and use apparatus that they would not normally have.  It was important that the children of St Paul's could hear about the exciting opportunities that the world could offer by listening to older child's perspective, rather than just staff.


We feel that tis s a fabulous opportunity for ur children and we can't wait for it to get started again, when social distancing measures are eased.