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How to Join Google Classroom via your Phone or Tablet

Accessing Google Classroom on a Tablet or Phone


The easiest way to access Google Classroom on a tablet or phone is to download the Google Classroom app which is free from app stores.


You can simply log into the app with your child's login details and you will be able to see their work by clicking on Classwork and see any messages via the Stream.

(For login details, email stating your child's name and class.)


You can attach photos directly to your child's work, so if you choose to complete work on paper, or have something extra to show their teacher, you can click to add to their work when you hand it in, and choose a photo from your device. 

To edit documents, you will need to install more Google apps, which are free from all app stores. 


If you download  Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Slides from your app store, you should be able to interact with and edit documents that your child's teacher posts for them.