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Year 4 - Mr Atkinson/Miss Matthews

Year 4 - Mr Atkinson/Miss Matthews

Mr Atkinson
Mr Atkinson
Miss Matthews
Miss Matthews

Y4 have been finding out about prayer in RE and have made prayer cubes to help create prayers.

Y4 took part in an amazing science day and made sounds using metal bars, straws, thunder drums and other items. We also watched air travelling using a fog machine and an 'air cannon'.  We had lots of fun and the children asked lots of good scientific questions. 

In science we have been learning about how to change the pitch of sounds and we made simple panpipes to hear sounds at different pitches. The children enjoyed making these instruments but unfortunately they did not sound as tuneful as the real things! 

Children draw on paper underneath their tables to see how difficult it must have been to paint the Sistine Chapel lying on your back. It wasn't easy! 

Children sort out different fractions into smaller groups.

Year 4 acted as sound waves in Science! 

Year 4 have been researching pangolins to write a new information text. The children find these creatures fascinating and are enjoying doing the research for their project. 

In Y4 we loved Wellbeing Wednesday! We connected with Reception class in the morning. We also did a 5 kilometre race for life and made signs to show we had entered the race. Y4 had a very calm wellbeing day and learnt a lot about how to keep calm and well in our lives. 

In Y4 we have been making still life clay models of peppers out of clay.

We are loving our study of What We’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers! We’re building towers!

Our Kites topic was such fun! Here are just a few of the finished products!

Y4 have been conducting a science experiment about changing states  of water. 

In Y4 we’ve been learning about, and making, Christingles!

We’ve been working on our Let’s Go Fly a Kite topic for the last few weeks!

We had such a great day for our Africa day! We learnt loads and had such good fun!

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