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Year 1 - Mrs Smythe/Miss Taylor

Year 1 - Mrs Smythe/Miss Taylor

Mrs Smythe
Mrs Smythe
Miss Taylor
Miss Taylor

This week we had our school trip to Blackpool Zoo! We had such a fabulous time and saw lots of animals! Here are just a few photos from our super fun day!

Today in DT we made our very own Tuna pasta salads and learnt about the benefits of eating tuna :)

Today in Year 1 we made potato salads. We learnt about hygiene, how to prepare food and make a yummy delicious potato salad using potatoes, mayonnaise and chives!!

Today we pressed flowers. We collected some flowers from outside and also used some shop bought flowers. We stuck them onto our very own bookmarks and put them inside a book to flatten them. Once they have dried out we are going to laminate them and use them as bookmarks :) 

Today we had so much fun for '100 things to do' We learnt how to take part in board games. We learnt how to play snakes and ladders :)

In History we have been learning about Nurses from the past....Today we learnt about Edith Cavell and made Red Cross Hospitals and wrote facts about her.

Year 1 have loved being creative this week and making our Easter cards! We hope you like them! 

We had such a lovely time creating our Valentine’s cards this week!

We have been making sandwiches in Year 1! We had been learning about algorithms in Computing, and then put the instructions into the right order. When that was sorted, we could follow the instructions to make sandwiches!

We have been making Batik in Year 1! It was lots of fun!

We went for a walk today to look at lots of different materials around our local area for our Science lesson!

We had such a great day on Wellbeing Wednesday! This is us and our Race for Life signs – we ran 5km!

We’ve been working super hard in maths this week. Some of us have been using practical equipment to help us understand tens and ones.

In our SCARF lesson today we learnt all about the inside of our wonderful bodies. We drew round some children and had to put the pictures in the correct place.

In computing today we learnt how to follow instructions and use the tools on purple mash to create two pictures. Here is a painting of our birds. We had to listen to Mrs Smythe to know which colour to choose and which part of the body to paint. We had so much fun and listened really well 

In DT today we explored different fabrics and made our own hair.

Today we made fruit kebabs in our SCARF lesson and learnt about healthy eating!

Year 1 have been learning about Jewish harvest festival and have been making their very own ‘Sukkah’ tents. A sukkah tent is made by Jewish people and they spend as much time in there over the harvest festival.   We learnt that a Sukkah needs to have 3 walls and the roof is made out of natural items such as sticks, leaves, grass, branches etc. 

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