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Behaviour Policy and Approach

At St Paul's CE Primary School we have three simple rules:



Take care of yourself

Take care of others

Take care of our school


All of our pupils know what the school rules are and are able to talk about what they mean to themselves and others within the school.


When a child breaks one of our school rules his/her behaviour is referred back to the school rule which he/she has broken. This brings his/her behaviour choices to life.


We believe, wholeheartedly, in the positive reinforcement of good behaviour choices and we have a no shouting policy. We have extremely high standards of behaviour for our pupils, which they consistently reach, meaning that St Paul's is a calm and a safe place to learn and play.


We are extremely proud of the behaviour that our pupils exhibit around school.


However, there are times, when children make poor behaviour choices and before this escalates, you, as a parent or carer would be contacted by school to inform you of the situation.  You would be contacted in the first instance by your child's class teacher.  If the situation becomes more serious or school needs to put in some support for your child, you may well be contacted by other members of staff.  In most cases this would be Mr Purdey who is the school's lead on Behaviour and our Deputy Head.


We are skilled and experienced with dealing with many types of behaviour and we will work closely with you to resolve any of the issues that arise.


To find out more information as to how we deal with behaviour in school, please read our Behaviour Policy.