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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Morris - Head Teacher

Mr Purdey - Deputy Head Teacher

Miss North - Assistant Head Teacher, Head of

EYFS & Key Stage 1

Mr Atkinson - Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs Stephenson - Special Educational Needs

and Disabilities Co-Ordinator

Mrs Jones- School Business Manager

Mrs Openshaw - School Business Secretary


In Reception:

Miss North - Class Teacher

Mrs Smythe - Class Teacher

Miss Taylor - Class Teacher

Mrs Haughton - Class Teacher

Mrs Gears - Support Staff

Mrs Johnson - Support Staff

Miss McCoy - Support Staff

Miss Hanson - Support Staff

In Year 1

Mr Fletcher - Class Teacher

Mrs Sheppard - Support Staff


In Year 1/2

Miss Levy - Class Teacher

Miss White - Class Teacher

Mrs Brooks - Class Teacher

In Year 2

Mrs Greenhaulgh - Class Teacher

Mrs Walker - Class Teacher

In Year 3

Mrs Stephenson - Class Teacher

Mr Purdey - Class Teacher

Miss Richards - Support Staff

Miss Matthews - Support Staff

In Year 4

Mrs Wilkinson - Class Teacher

Mrs Smith - Support Staff

Mrs Brooks - Support Staff

In Year 5

Mrs Parker- Class Teacher

Miss Matthews - Support Staff

Mrs Stout - Support Staff


In Year 6

Mr Atkinson - Class Teacher

Mrs Ridgley - Support Staff


Mrs Rozek - HLTA Reception & Key Stage 1

Mrs Jackson - HLTA Key Stage 2

Mrs Dickinson - SPLD Teacher

Miss Dootson - Pupil Premium Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brooks - Pupil Premium Teaching Assistant

Mr Lord - Sports Coach

Ms Beswick - Parent Support Advisor

Mrs Fitton - Attendance Officer

Mr Hayhurst - School Caretaker

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Arnold - School Cook

Mrs Connolly- Midday Supervisor (Year 6)

Mrs Thew - Lead Midday Supervisor (Year 5)

Miss Matthews - Midday Supervisor (Year 4)

Mrs Begum - Midday Supervisor (Year 3)

Miss McCullock - Midday Supervisor (Year 2)

Mrs Houlton - Midday Supervisor (Year 1)

Mrs Gears - Midday Supervisor (Reception)

Miss Dootson - Midday Supervisor (First Aid)

Mrs Brooks - Midday Supervisor