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Congratulations to the children who have achieved 100% attendance in the first half term. 

There were 109 children who attended everyday!  Well done!

Why is Attendance is Important?


We place a great deal of importance on attendance at St Paul's. Please read our Parents' Guide to Attendance.

Attendance Winners


Each week we check attendance for every class.  The class with the highest percentage win an extra playtime.


Every half term we check each child's individual attendance and all children who have had 100% attendance that half term, receive a certificate.  We have 6 certificates to win and if a child gets to the end of the year with 100% attendance they get a special treat.


This year we are going to be taking our Attendance Winners bowling in Bury.

Weekly Attendance Winners 2016/2017



Week Winner


Week Winners
5th - 9th September Year 4 - 97.5%
12th - 16th September Year 2 - 99.02%
19th - 23rd September Year 2 - 100%
26th - 30th September Year 1 - 99.14%
3rd October - 7th October Reception - 98.82%
10th October - 14th October Year 3 - 97.71%
14th October - 21st October Year 5 - 99.37%


Whole School Annual Attendance

Months 2016 - 2017 Percentage
September - October 95.71%
September - December  
September - February  

September - April

September - May  
September - July  


Weekly Attendance Winners 2015/2016

Each week a class is awarded with 'Attendance of the week'. 


Winners for Moday 18th to Friday 22nd April... Year 5 with 98.9%

Winners for Monday 25th to Friday 29th April...Year 4 with 98%

Winners for Monday 2nd to Friday 6th May... Year 2 with 98.6%

Winners for Monday 9th May to Friday 13th May... Year 4 with 97.42%

Winners for Monday 16th May to Friday 20th May... Year 5 with 99.3%

Winners for Monday 23rd May to Friday 27th May... Year 1 with 98.57%

Winners for Monday 6th June to Friday 10th June... Year 2 with 99.43%

Winners for Monday 13th June to Friday 17th June... Year 5 with 98.62%

Winners for Monday 20th June to Friday 24th June... Year 5 with 98.31%

Winners for Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July... Year 4 with 99.68%


 Whole School Annual Attendance

Months 2015 - 2016 Percentage
September - October 96.90
September - December 96.51
September - February 96.26

September - April

September - May 96.24
September - July 96.28